Important Update About Us

Important Update About Us

First of all, we want to tell you that we love every customer and yoga lover who helped us in this way from a small shop to a branch. Each of our employees strives to provide the best customer experience possible.


Unfortunately, due to this global, unexpected COVID-19 situation which affected different people and businesses. We, as a team, lost a lot of friends and colleagues. On side of business, delivery companies, flying companies, and logistics services were in very hard times.


Our partner who was producing our 2019 collection started to sell it on the side and cheating on us. (We won’t tell any names, we have own principles). That’s why we decided to switch to our inhouse production.


And now our products are made by yogis for yogis with the newest printing technologies on the market, carefully selected materials, also cut and sewed by hand to make your yoga sessions not only as easy and comfortable as possible but stylish. Our new professional design team is inspired by cubism, abstraction, and geometric shapes with animalistic notes.


Every item is made by hand that takes 2-5 days. And 14 days max to deliver. Our own production centers are in the US and Latvia.


It was a pretty challenging time for all of us, but we are trying our best to survive and become stronger.


P.S. We have a small balance of yoga pants of the 2019 collection at the Chinese warehouse, which we are ready to give away at a liquidation price with free shipping. We want to get rid of the past and move forward with your help.



The ZenVibes Team